The Revolutionary Mission

Brad Powell: “A world that is going through revolutionary changes can’t be reached … by a church where everything remains the same.”

5 Ways to Reach More Millennials at Your Church

"Don’t believe all the stereotypes you hear about millennials. We don’t have to be the generation that leaves the church."

Amplifying Evangelism: The Future of Outreach and Mission

Ed Stetzer: "Churches that make these three shifts will be more effective at outreach in a skeptical culture."

Leverage Tech to Advance the Kingdom

“Instead of choosing to react on impulse, we should choose words that bring life and encouragement to all.”

The Secret to Reaching Millennials

William Vanderbloemen: “You can either connect with millennials quickly and constantly, or risk losing them.”

8 Reasons Many Bible-Belt Churches Are in Trouble

Thom Rainer: "Sadly, many Bible-Belt churches are not adjusting to the changing realities of the area."

9 Ways to Share the Gospel Through Story

“As you scatter your stories of God’s presence and power, keep it organic. Don’t force it. Be thoughtful and sensitive.”

No, Christians Don’t See the Eclipse as a Sign of the Apocalypse

"For those few spreading fear about an eclipse, you’re embarrassing Christians, not representing Christ."

Why You Don’t Need a Bible Degree to Share Your Faith

When you've experienced the power of Christ, you can't stay silent.

Samuel Rodriguez: Be Light!

"We are called to one faith, one mission, one hope, one light and one touch."