How to Preach For Seekers Without Dumbing Down the Message

Ed Stetzer: "Preaching should be both theologically deep—and wide."

10 Reasons Churches Don’t Reach Millennials

"If your church is serious about the Great Commission, it also needs to be serious about understanding this generation."

Why You’re Not Reaching the Unchurched

Understand the shifting cultural landscape of those outside your church and what really matters to the unchurched.

Being a Different Kind of Christian

We are Christ's ambassadors, and people will judge him based on what they see in us.

Faith Talks: The Compassionate and Conversational Gospel

Robert Crosby: “Authenticity in our outreach conversations is perceived by others through our genuine compassion."

The Greatest Tragedy in the Church Today

Thom Rainer: "When evangelism dies as a priority in the church, the church has already begun to die."

3 Critical Keys to Telling Your Personal Story

If you had 3–5 minutes to tell someone your life story or testimony, what would you say? Here are critical keys to telling your story.

4 Ways Pastors Fail to Preach the Fullness of Scripture

"It might not help your job security, but when you stand before the Lord, you’ll be mighty glad you got this right."

Hugh Halter: The Power of Incarnational Ministry

"Jesus was a man of the people because he would rather bring healing to the sick than go to church on Sunday."

Plant What God Would Plant, Go Where God Would Go

“If we begin to think outside of the box, the city may truly rejoice that we showed up.”