Turning Points: In Their Own Words

From Augustine to Wesley, Spurgeon to Lewis: The conversion experience of well-known Christian leaders throughout the history of the church

What It Really Takes to Reach Your Community

Ed Stetzer: “I don’t care what you like; I care that you love the Gospel and the people God has called you to reach .”

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Five obstacles that keep Christians from sharing their faith.

Don’t Generalize This Generation

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"Our first loyalty is to Jesus and his kingdom—not to any political party."

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"Out of all of the names of God in the Bible, there is only one that is actually attainable by you and me—'friend of sinners.'"

An Evangelism Equation for Non-Evangelists

“Most of our church members are ready to grow in their faith as well as share that faith. They just feel unequipped to do so.”

Quit Squirming: 3 Reasons We Don’t Share the Gospel

"Resting in the very love and forgiveness of Christ authenticates our witness and gives it vitality."

Why You Don’t Need to ‘Start’ Another Church

"The divine call to 'come and see' invites us to engage wholeheartedly in everything God intends."

Who’s the Evangelism Champion in Your Church?

“It takes a team—a multistrand cord of leadership—to effectively direct the local church in evangelism.”