Sharing the Gospel as a ‘Plea Bargain’

In our culture, the concept of a plea bargain can offer a helpful explanation of the gospel.

How to Boldly—and Gently—Reach Our Culture

We must be “gentle aggressors” who do not wait for people to come to us, but go to them with the gospel.

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The Unshockable Jesus

John Burke offers an incredible story of grace and a bold reminder that Jesus is never shocked by our sin.

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Brad Powell: If we're going to get our church back on mission, we have to get them actively following Jesus.

4 Cultural Trends Pastors Should Recognize

Ed Stetzer: "God is calling us to help people move from an attractional mentality to an incarnational one."

3 Ways to Disagree With Nonbelievers

"We should desire real discourse for the good of the causes we believe in and for the good of the world that we care to convince."

Life.Church: Reflections on 10 Years of Online Evangelism

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Why We Need to Walk With Skeptics

Presenting Faith as Hopeful, Valuable, Pleasurable and Meaningful