Overcoming Fear of Evangelism

The courage to share our faith comes from God, not ourselves.
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3 Reasons to Be Bold in Sharing the Gospel

Jesus accomplished more than simply our salvation on the cross.

Why We Need to Think Like Missionaries

This is not our home. Our culture is a mission field, and we must see ourselves as people on mission.

How We Make the Message Relatable

Share your faith in an understanding and accessible way through relationships with others.

Giving Everyone a Chance to Hear the Gospel

Finding common ground with people of every stripe.

What To Do When You Fail at Evangelism

As with anything in life, there will be times when we fail in evangelism. This is how we should respond.
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3 Steps for Church Leaders to Renew Our Passion for Evangelism

How to make the lost a priority in your church’s heart and ministries

How to Boldly—and Gently—Reach Our Culture

We must be “gentle aggressors” who do not wait for people to come to us, but go to them with the gospel.
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The Key Things Evangelistic Churches Do

7 practices that encourage a culture of evangelism in churches
post-easter review

Plan Now for a Post-Easter Review

The work isn’t done when the services are over.