Owning Our Scars

my scars

Our scars can remind us of more than our past pain

As a leader, pastor, husband, father and human, I walk with many scars. Some from self-inflicted wounds and some from the blows of others. That’s the bad news.

Here’s some good news: Jesus accepts our wounds, tears, and scars without hesitation or condemnation.

God knows how life on this side of eternity can chew us up and spit us out at times.

• Someone says something harsh, and it cuts us.

• Someone does or doesn’t do something, and it bruises us.

• Someone we once counted as a dear and trusted friend becomes distant and untrustworthy. They know our secrets, and now we fear their betrayal.

So we hurt. 

We bleed.

We groan about our future fears as we moan about our past wounds.

And we have the subsequent scars to substantiate our concerns.

But what if our scars—even the ones from self-inflicted idiocy—could become badges of honor?

By that, I don’t mean the wound was good, but maybe the remaining scar can be.

What if my scars reminded me of more than my past pain?

Yes, life is hard, but what if my scars proved another reality?

What if each scar told a story of God’s faithfulness? 

Okay, the painful experience was unfair and unjust. You would never choose to go through something so horrible. I get it.

But you’re still breathing.

You’re still growing (hopefully).

And most importantly, you are still loved by the one who loves you more than his own life.

Remember, Jesus has scars too. 

I find it fascinating that Jesus’ glorified body had permanent marks. Not for a second am I suggesting that Jesus carried emotional scars with him to heaven, but each physical scar was a vivid reminder of his past suffering leading to (wait for it) a future glory.

What if your wound today, which will become a scar tomorrow, leads to something bigger and better than you could ever imagine in your future?

I am sorry for whatever you have been through. My heart aches for you and with you. Lately, I have been weeping a lot with those who weep. 

But one of my favorite young authors, A.J. Swoboda, once wrote, “God welcomes the tears.”

And he does.

So cry.



You might even curse a little.

Then get whatever help you need to heal. 

But please don’t ever be embarrassed or ashamed of your scars.

Everyone has at least a few—including Jesus.

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This article originally appeared on KurtBubna.com and is reposted here by permission.