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Watching Our Words

In a world of shrill tones, we can demonstrate the gospel through our words.

How to Find Your Purpose in Life

Here are three ways to discover what God's will is for this season of your life.

Why Leaders Should Be Transparent With Their Struggles

People need to know that no leader is on a pedestal of perfection.

We’re Here for the Sake of Others

The Paradigm-Shifting Reminder That It’s Not About Me

The Surprising Reward of ‘Risk’

God can use your earnest desires to take risks in faith to accomplish his will for you.

My Unplanned Vow of Silence

4 things I learned about listening when sickness forced me to be silent.

The Ones Jesus Came to Save

Turning our attention from inside to outside the church walls

When People Question Your Leadership

Even Jesus was questioned by those he led.