5 Tips for Memorizing Scripture as a Family

Simple ways to incorporate memorization into your routine

In the past, I’ve written about why we need to memorize Scripture (both individually and corporately as a church). Even with all the apps available now for doing Scripture memorization, I still find the simplest ways to memorize the most effective ones. Here’s one that my wife and I are using these days:

1. Purchase a small, erasable chalkboard to place in some prominent place in your home. Here’s the link to the one that Pam and I use. Ours is on the kitchen counter, and we can’t miss seeing it throughout the day.

2. Choose and write a new verse each week. Pam and I alternate who chooses the verse for the week. If we had children in our home, I’d invite them to participate, too, by taking a turn to choose a text. Get your family involved in this task.

3. Read the verse, including the reference, as often as you can throughout the day. I try to be careful in what I eat, but I’m still in the kitchen multiple times a day. I suspect I read the verse 15–20 times a day for one week. By the time I read it 100-plus times in a week, I’ve memorized the verse without even trying hard.

4. Hold yourself accountable to someone. My wife and I both work on memorizing the text, but I have a friend who holds me accountable to the task. That way, he’s also learning the text with me.

5. Watch for new verses to memorize as you’re doing your daily devotions. You’ll be more committed to memorizing a verse if you already know God somehow directed you to the text in your quiet time.

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What are your thoughts? How are you memorizing Scripture?

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This article originally appeared on ChuckLawless.com and is reposted here by permission.