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What’s Missing When You Share the Gospel?

I have the entirety of God’s Word in my language and in my hands, and I can open any copy freely without threat to my life. I’m privileged to have God’s Word, to be able to read God’s Word, and to proclaim God’s Word.

9 Obstacles to Family and Friends Believing the Gospel

Why do people struggle to believe the good news?

God Sees the Big Picture

Our God sees the big picture and is intimately involved in the situation.

Making Disciples—Inside Your Church Walls, Too

No matter how long you’ve been a believer, find an older Christ-follower to invest in you. It may not be easy to find someone, but don’t give up easily.

7 Problems When Church Leaders Isolate Themselves

Though it sometimes masquerades as self-care, extended isolation has some dangerous side effects.

10 Warning Signs of a Siloed Staff

Is your team really behaving like a team?

Listening to the Younger Generation When They’re Done With God

Too many older believers have simply criticized their doubt and called them to “just believe.”

Leading—and Pastoring—With a Limp

The arrows often come from formerly close friends. It’s the “kiss” of a Judas that’s distinctly painful. Betrayal hurts deeply.