Family On Mission—How Our Kids Lead Us

Hugh Halter: "Unexpectedly, we were shocked out of our comfortable slumber and called back to the front line of mission."

3 Church Planting Trends That Need to Die

"We must aim to plant churches for the glory of God and the good of the community, not to meet our own needs."

4 Key Practices to Launch and Sustain a Vibrant Church

"Churches turn inward if they don’t intentionally and aggressively press outward to the world that God loves.”

Why Do We Value Credentials Over Calling?

With church planters and pastors, we're overvaluing credentials over calling. Here's why we need more non-traditional leaders.

Mobilizing God’s People God’s Way

The way we motivate and mobilize volunteers often isn't God's way; fortunately, Paul lays a roadmap in Ephesians.

Living as Children of Light

How does our adoption into God's family change the way we think about our mission?

7 Questions to Ask When Starting a Church Planting Network

What it takes to start and sustain a church planting movement.
church planting

5 Things for Church Planters to Remember

Essential encouragements as you start new churches

The Epic Adventure of Gospel Multiplication

“We are instruments in the hand of God to see all things reconciled to God through Christ.”

J.D. Greear: Church Planting and the Call to Send

“We need people to go, but we also need people to stay for the specific purpose of raising up others to send.”