What Do We Do About Church Multiplication in 2021?

What is your vision for planting this year?

How should we multiply as a church in 2021? Jesus never said to go and make disciples until there is a worldwide shutdown. In fact, the church flourished when it was persecuted. The church flourished when it was at the margins. How should that inform how we have a vision for multiplication this year?


In some ways, the call to multiplication is the same it always has been. What we need to consider is if we embrace that calling even more during this time. In a world where we learned we could actually be the church without walls, how are we embracing the call to evangelism and discipleship? This is the time to follow through on those lessons we’ve learned.


What does it look like to multiply today? That doesn’t mean you have to send out church planters. It could mean a downward root-focused multiplication where you grow in depth before you send out others. Whether there is visible fruit of multiplication this year or not, what are micro ways you can grow in multiplication this year? You must be able to grow in micro ways to grow in macro ways. Be on the offense as it relates to multiplying and being a blessing. You can send out your church members to be a blessing in their communities this year.


The local church is one of the most strategic bodies to reach everywhere within your community. Your church is strategically positioned to bring the gospel to where people live, work and play. In a time when some people aren’t gathering in large groups, many are becoming more intimate with their neighbors. Their kids are playing outside more. They are sharing school burdens more. There is a strategic opportunity available to every church right now.

From Outreach Magazine  The Self-Deception of Self-Improvement

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A Podcast Episode 554: A 2021 Vision for Multiplication, and reposted here by permission. Click here to listen to more to church planting, multisite and multiplication tips.