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Didn’t See It Coming!: Why Becoming a Multiplier Is Key to Not Losing Your Way

A multiplier is a healthy disciple-making leader who champions church reproduction.

Overcoming Obstacles While Planting a Church

Like any movement, challenges exist that threaten the vitality and longevity of church planting.

Reach a Whole Region

Local networks were how the early church spread outward. To see the same spread and gospel saturation of Christianity today, planters must think beyond their own church plants and imagine networks of churches.

Are We Following the God of What Works?

5 barriers to conversion-based church planting

Why Do We Plant Churches?

We evangelize and we multiply, not as the ultimate goal, but because we want more people to treasure Christ together.

Ed Stetzer: A New Church-Planting Era

When pastors demonstrate a teachable heart, they hit on the central virtue of their calling.

3 Reasons College Towns Are Ideal for Church Plants

Spiritual awakenings often happen on or near university campuses.

Multiplication Beyond 2022—Looking at the Essentials

Take a walk with us back to March 2020. One by one, venues where people gathered began closing their doors: restaurants, hair salons, gyms—even...