America's Rising Hispanic Church – Part 1

Understanding the Opportunity: The Latino Community by the Numbers

Family and Children

11.6 Million
Number of Hispanic households in the United States

Percentage of Hispanic children living with two parents

Percentage of Hispanics 5 and older who speak Spanish in the home

—U.S. Census Bureau

Income, Poverty and Health Insurance

Median income of Hispanic households

Poverty rate among Hispanics in 2011, down from 26.5 in 2010

The percentage of Hispanic families that lacked health insurance in 2011

—U.S. Census Bureau

Good News on Education

of Hispanic high school graduates in 2012 immediately enrolled in college. That’s two percentage points higher than their white counterparts (67 percent). There has also been a significant improvement in the drop-out rate among Hispanic high school students14 percent in 2011 compared to 28 percent a decade earlier. Despite this progress, Hispanics do continue to lag behind whites in several key higher education measures. They are less likely to enroll in a four-year college (54 percent versus 72 percent); they are also less likely to attend college full-time or to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Percentage of Hispanics 25 and older with at least a high school education

Percentage with a bachelor’s degree of higher (3.7 million)

1.2 Million
Number with an advanced degree

—U.S. Census Bureau/Pew Research Center

Employment and Business

Percentage of Hispanics 16 and older in the civilian work force

Percentage in management, business, science and the arts

1.2 Million
Number of Hispanics 18 and older who are veterans

—U.S. Census Bureau

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