Tag: Eternity

Unbound by Time: God’s Eternity

As time-bound creatures, we struggle all the more with the notion of eternity. We cannot imagine any kind of experience or reality that is not defined by time. The very concept almost overwhelms our rational capacity.

What Is Eternity-Minded Stewardship?

Jesus sees our hearts and knows us well. He doesn’t call all disciples to give away everything. He does call us to take radical action that breaks our bondage to money and possessions, freeing us to live under His lordship.

Grief, Memorial and Hope

At a time of great national loss the church has an opportunity—and a responsibility.

‘Rogue One’ and the Perspective of Eternity

Our story is part of a grander one.

Understanding Pain in Light of Eternity

Pain often causes us to envy the apparent prosperity of others, but in those times we must remember our future hope.

Eternity: This Changes Everything

Living in light of eternity is about more than just getting to heaven.

Evangelism, Naturally—A Look Inside the Sept/Oct 2018 Issue

In This Issue “If you don’t have any friends who disagree with you, you are putting yourself in danger,” Ed Stetzer writes, encouraging intentional engagement....