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5 Things Weary Christians Need to Hear

No matter what kind of week you're having, here are five important things to hang on to.

Antonio: Love Adores Extravagantly

What unconditional love feels like

Hope in the Midst of Failed Resolutions

Chances are good that you've already failed to fulfill your New Year's resolutions. But that's OK.

How to Look Past Yourself to Be Kind to Others

You may feel like other people have got it all together, but if you take the time to listen, you'll see we're all dealing with something.

How to Know When God Is Speaking

God's voice is sometimes hard to discern, but these three filters help me to know when what I'm hearing is from God.

4 People You Need in Your Life

People come and go in our lives, but these four people are absolutely essential for every Christian to have in their corner.

Why Do We Hide Behind Masks?

Who are we trying to hide from when we're hiding behind a mask of perfection, and how can we teach ourselves to remove them?