Tag: Efrem Smith

Efrem Smith: An Outpost for the Kingdom—Part 1

“We cannot surrender the outposts of God’s kingdom to the ways of our nation. We are here to transform. To make disciples.”

Efrem Smith: An Outpost for the Kingdom—Part 2

“Outside influences have shaped the allegiance of God’s people more than the kingdom of God or the authentic Jesus."

MelindaJoy Mingo: Using Friendship to Overcome Our Deepest Hurts and Prejudices

A conversation with MelindaJoy Mingo, Efrem Smith and Todd Wilson

Candid Conversations Webinar: What Is Justice?

Dhati Lewis joins Efrem Smith and Todd Wilson for a webinar conversation on biblical justice.

Who Are We to Be, No Matter the Season?

Our call is one of compassion and justice in any and every season.

If You Can’t See These People, You Can’t See Christ

"How we treat the poor, the oppressed, the immigrant and the incarcerated is directly related to our intimacy with God."

Efrem Smith: Pursuing a Childlike Citizenship

"Armed with love and with childlike faith, we become an army, advancing the right-side-up kingdom of God."