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5 Reasons Prayer Can Be Challenging

And How to Break Through

4 Insights to Transform Your Team

Teams can soar to great heights of achievement because of great vision, talent, alignment and commitment. They can also crash because they are fully human.

How to Invest in Caring for Your Soul

5 Ways to Stay in Leadership for the Long Haul

5 Ways to Bring People Together, Not Divide Them

Forgiveness is the force that breaks down the walls of division and unifies people at a heart level. Over time, this impacts the whole organization or larger community in a positive way.

What Do You Know About Those Following Your Lead?

A disciple is a learner. Leaders are first disciples, and we learn from Scripture, the Holy Spirit, and others who teach us and impart wisdom. A good leader embraces the disposition to submit, learn, change and grow.

How to Lead on the Bright Side

A great heart-felt vision brings hope. As leaders, each of us must stay focused on something bigger than ourselves.

Money: Scarcity, Prosperity, or Stewardship?

Dealing with money is one of the most complex elements of leadership. From cultivating generosity to stressful decision-making and managing our own salaries in an honoring manner. Great wisdom is needed!

Why Playing It Safe Is Not a Good Idea

5 reasons to avoid being overly cautious as a leader