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From the Small-Church Front Lines

A Scouting Report From Small Church Pastors

The Virus and the Church

How church leaders responded during the early stages of the pandemic.

Stay Out of the Building

The church's best ministry happens when we leave the church building.

Karl Vaters: When Small Is Just Right

Karl Vaters discusses 'Small Church Essentials' and why church growth is an incomplete way to measure church health.

Karl Vaters: Small Church America—Revisited

How Pastor Karl Vaters lost his grasshopper complex and discovered, no one loses when the kingdom advances.

Karl Vaters: Small Church Essentials

Karl Vaters: Field-Tested Principles for Leading a Healthy Congregation of Under 250

The Church Is Small—So What?

Instead of asking, “Our church is small, so what?” we needed to ask, “Our church is small, now what?”

Hope for Nov. 9: Pastors on the Election

Several pastors answer the question, “What is the message of hope you want to give to America in the aftermath of this election?”