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What Do We Really Mean When We Say We Love God?

I really didn’t want to go to hell. I suspect my peers felt the same way. Those of us who grew up in the post-Jesus...

When Politics Becomes Religion

3 signs faith and politics have reversed roles in someone's life

James E. Beitler III: Seasoned Speech

Rhetoric in the Life of the Church

C.S. Lewis and the Rhetoric of Goodwill

C.S. Lewis found profound connections between Psalm 109 and Mary's Magnificat.

Why We Must Make Our Communication Personal Again

Our communication has become increasingly impersonal and contentious. We need to see the imago Dei in others once again.

Share Your Faith Like C.S. Lewis

Though C. S. Lewis didn't consider himself a theologian or evangelist, he sought to persuade others of the truth of the gospel through his writing.

Turning Points: In Their Own Words

From Augustine to Wesley, Spurgeon to Lewis: The conversion experience of well-known Christian leaders throughout the history of the church