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Finding Clarity

“Activity is not the same as productivity. We need to figure out what the right things are.”

Alan Briggs: Why Busy Isn’t Best

If we’re going to slow down and become more present to families, teams and congregations, we must make a shift from an efficiency mindset to an effectiveness mindset.

How Being Overcommitted Can Distract You

I can’t ignore the tasks that ministry requires, but when I am in task mode I must keep my spiritual “peripheral vision” active, looking for those “God moments” with the Sabrias of the world.

Why You Feel Busier Than Ever

Six non-obvious reasons you feel like you never can stop

When Busyness Hides Sloth

I learned a new lesson about sloth when I had to prepare a sermon on it.

Why Busyness Is Not a Virtue

Three ways that busyness distracts us from what's important

How to Get Unstuck

Matt Perman: Breaking Free From Barriers to Your Productivity