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18th Annual Celebration of the Best

Outreach Magazine Names Resources of the Year

Making Disciples Jesus’ Way

What are the marks of effective disciple making? Hint: It’s not about the program.

Rethinking Church

More and more churches are embracing a new metric of success that prioritizes sending over gathering and accumulating.

The Church Multiplication Challenge

Across the United States, in churches of all shapes and sizes, God is breathing new life into his people as increasing numbers of leaders embrace the kingdom call to not just grow, but to reproduce and multiply.

Africa’s Accelerating Disciple-Making Movement

The church in Africa is mirroring the early church in innovative ways.

Discipleship: Built for Relationship

Jesus showed us that making disciples is about forming relationships.

The Disciple Maker’s Handbook

Bobby Harrington and Josh Patrick: Seven Elements of a Discipleship Lifestyle

Why Close Relationships Are Essential to Discipleship

"What is the main barrier that keeps people from growing and maturing in Christ? The answer was unanimous: 'Isolation.'"