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Leading Others to Christ Through Adventure Ministry Connections

Bayside Adventure Sports was created to use adventure sports to introduce people to Jesus and his church.

Shining Bright

California church puts on mile-long Christmas lights display.

Ray Johnston: The Reluctant Church Planter—Part 1

Growing up in an atheist home, Ray Johnston never wanted to be a pastor, but God had other plans.

Ray Johnston: Good Deeds Lead to Goodwill—Part 2

"We believe if our people will give us an inch, God will take them a mile."

8 Signs You’re Trapped in Legalism

We've all experienced times when our faith in the finished work of Jesus morphs into legalism. These are warning signs.

8 ‘Christian’ Virtues That Are Not Really Christian

These virtues are often held up as barometers of spiritual health, but are they truly proof of being a good Christian?

5 Reasons to Slow Down

"Let’s be honest, our pace is unhealthy. We accomplish more in less time, but at what cost?"

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got Married

Marriage is a divine mystery and the process of two people becoming one. That process comes with some unforeseen challenges, but hang in there. It's worth it.