Dave Gibbons

Dave Gibbons is the founding pastor of Newsong, a multisite, international church with campuses in inner city L.A., North Orange County, Irvine and Bangkok, among other places. He's also the CVO and founder of Xealots, a nonprofit that equips creatives, entrepreneurs, activists, artists and innovators to discover their destiny and live it out.

Dave Gibbons: The Shift Already Happened—Before COVID-19

Ready to get back to normal? Church on Sundays, small groups, well-oiled programs and a professional staff as the focus. We may now even...

Dave Gibbons: Is the Megachurch Over?

Dave Gibbons: "Is it really revival if the city hasn't changed?"

Dave Gibbons: "I Am Mark Driscoll"

"Judgmental criticism of others is a well-known way of escaping detection in your own crimes and misdemeanors."

Dave Gibbons: Movements and Mustard Seeds

Dave Gibbons: “Can we ever forget the greatest movement of all began with a group of 12 misfits?”

Mission Trips Are for Whom?

Dave Gibbons: “In most countries, relationships and the trust of indigenous leadership often take years to develop.”

Dave Gibbons: What's Next for the Church?

Dave Gibbons: “This is the generation in which the beauty of God will be unleashed through this new wave of visionaries and dreamers.”

Dave Gibbons: Getting to the Fringe

People saw who Jesus hung out with—the fringe—and they said, “Jesus is for us.”