Ashley Eiman

Launch an ESL or Adult Literacy Program

Help combat the rising levels of illiteracy by starting your own adult-oriented program.

Try This: Jewelry, Clothes, Book Swap

Who doesn't love to shop? Help foster relationships among the women in your church with this cool idea.

Try This: Neighborhood Welcome Gift Bags

Make those new to your community feel welcome and loved with fun goodie bags.

Host a Parents’ Night Out

Invite the parents in your community to a fun and refreshing night out.

Offer Free Computer Tune-Ups

Here's a practical and useful way to reach out to those in need.

Idea Starter: Family-Friendly Outdoor Movie Night

What an easy and fun way to foster community in your neighborhood!

Pay It Forward

Make someone's day a little brighter with this small gesture of kindness.

Start a Community Garden

Help your local community flourish by planting a garden.