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What Can You Do When You’re Angry?

Determine what’s really happening when you get uncontrollably angry. Sometimes we’re just frustrated because things don’t work out the way we want. At other times, we’re justifiably angered by wrong, but our response is equally sinful.

10 Danger Zones for Pastors

It’s the young minister who is more likely to try to brave it out alone. It’s the young pastor who is more prone to end up a victim instead of a victor.

4 Ways to Keep Your Emotions In Check as a Leader

One of the greatest strengths a leader can posses is his (or her) ability keep his emotions in check, to stop reacting. However, when...

3 Keys for Responding to Angry People

How to keep your cool when others lose theirs.

Controlling Our Tempers

Understanding where you anger comes from will help you deal with it better when it rises again.

How to Be Angry Like Jesus

Is it ever OK to get angry? Jesus gives us an example of what it looks like to be angry and not sin.

Engaging Anger in a Healthy Way

Expressing anger can be a good thing, depending on how you do it. Here's a healthy way to express it.