Tag: 2016 Election

3 Things Every Youth Pastor Needs to Know About the Election

"Whether or not you plan for it, current events will affect your students."

Evangelicals Made Trump’s Candidacy. Now They Need to Help Shape His Presidency

Ed Stetzer: "A divided nation needs a more united church focused on a common mission."

Does God Care How You Vote?

"Recently, some Christians have been implying they will one day stand before the Lord to give account for their voting record."

5 Rules for Christian Political Engagement

"Our first loyalty is to Jesus and his kingdom—not to any political party."

Hope for Nov. 9: Pastors on the Election

Several pastors answer the question, “What is the message of hope you want to give to America in the aftermath of this election?”

Praying for Unity

Max Lucado: "God’s ship is a grand vessel. Just as a ship has many rooms, so God’s kingdom has room for many opinions."

Why Christians Can Be Calm in a Crazy World

"Here are four reasons Christians can stay positive and calm even when our world seems to be falling apart."

‘Lord, I Thank Thee That I Am Not Like Those Evangelical Trump Supporters’

Ed Stetzer: "Our gut reaction is to dismiss Trump supporters and to question their faith. I’d like to suggest a different approach."