Zondervan Releases ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ 10th Anniversary App

The new app provides the full updated best-selling book and built-in videos of author and Pastor Rick Warren sharing additional insights.

‘JESUS’ Film Media App Launched

The “JESUS” Film Project and the IXIST Tour are partnering on the new app, which makes thousands of video clips in 1,100 languages available to help share the Gospel.

Share Your Faith App

The free application for iPhone, iPad and Android devices helps users easily share the Gospel.

Church Online Platform

A free online ministry platform launched by LifeChurch.tv

The Table Project

A free, Web-based social media application custom-tailed for the church.


Video email and email marketing application

Media Social

An online social media player that helps create and maintain community around online events

Meet the Need

Free Web-based software and database that facilitates individuals’ commitments to serve through the church’s website.

Action Bible App Released

The new app from publisher David C. Cook includes all the vivid illustrations from the award-winning ‘Action Bible.’

Affordable Mobile Apps Available for Churches

ROAR releases its app-building content management system to create apps for a low cost.