How Do We Restore Dropout Believers? Arrows of Truth No. 4

The Hunters of the Harvest strategy is based on an incident in 1 Samuel 30, in which David and his men recovered his family and possessions from the foreign raiders who had kidnapped them. This was a divine strategy that enabled him to recover all his family members with no loss at all.

This is also a spiritual strategy for the church and believers today to enable the restoration and recovery of the dropout believer who has been spiritually “kidnapped” by the Enemy and taken back to the world.

The Hunters strategy contains five elements to engage and restore the dropout:

  1. Strengthen yourself in the Lord.
  2. Inquire God’s will.
  3. Pursue.
  4. Locate the stronghold.
  5. Restore by warfare.

This strategy is a lifestyle that you will build into your Christian walk and apply to the dropout believers you meet along the way. And when you see them begin to return, God will be elated (Luke 15:7).

Hunters Tip No. 4

Read 1 Samuel 30. Find verses in which these five key elements are referenced. Ask yourself, “What do I do to strengthen myself spiritually?” Make a brief list. Do you do these daily? Often? Occasionally? Get back in practice, because if this isn’t a daily part of your walk, you will go no further down this road in becoming a hunter of the harvest for the dropout believer.

For more depth on this, read Hunters of the Harvest Chapter 7. To order the book go to and click “Order.”

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Louis Posthauer is the executive director of Hunters of the Harvest™ Ministry. He has been actively involved in the local church for more than 37 years and currently serves as a lay leader and teacher at Living Word Church of the Nazarene in Houston. For more information, visit