Louis Posthauer

Louis Posthauer is executive director of Hunters of the Harvest Ministry.

How Do We Restore Dropout Believers? Arrows of Truth No. 4

"This strategy is a lifestyle that you will build into your Christian walk and apply to the dropout believers you meet along the way."

Why Not Just Invite the Dropout Believer to Church? Arrows of Truth No. 3

"Generally speaking, you are not going to get most dropouts back into church just by asking them."

Why Does Someone Drop Out of the Church? Arrows of Truth No. 2

"Strongholds must be addressed spiritually through prayer, love and truth."

What Is a ‘Dropout Believer’? Arrows of Truth No. 1

"Consider people in your own circle of influence. Are some of your family members dropout believers? Friends? Neighbors?"

An Unexpected but Biblical Truth About Christian Giving

"It’s just like the lost who, upon receiving such a great salvation, tend to overflow with joy and generosity."

A Disturbing Trend in the Church—And How You Can Help Reverse It

"The local church will remain incomplete, lacking vital ministries and gifts, until those missing parts of the body come back home."