What Is a ‘Dropout Believer’? Arrows of Truth No. 1

“Consider people in your own circle of influence. Are some of your family members dropout believers? Friends? Neighbors?”

Very simply, a dropout believer is a disconnected believer—once actively practicing his or her Christian faith in a community of believers, but no longer. They have disconnected themselves from any meaningful relationship with the church, the body of Christ. There are a variety of reasons for this, none of which are in line with God’s will and purpose for them.

Consider people in your own circle of influence. Are some of your family members dropout believers? Friends? Neighbors? Work associates?

Think of two or three people you are concerned about that are dropout believers. You may be the believer whom God can use to help restore them to the body of Christ. We say guardedly: may be. At Hunters of the Harvest, we’ve put together a 26-part series that will help you implement this strategy as you learn about how to become a hunter of the harvest of the dropout believer.

Hunters Tip No. 1

Consider and write down those two or three names that came to mind today. Begin to pray for them, asking God to prepare their hearts for restoration. Keep these people in mind over the coming weeks as we explore the hunters strategy together. At the end of 26 weeks, you will have the outline of a divine strategy that can make you an effective hunter for the dropout believers in your sphere of influence.

If you are a church leader or pastor, you can train and equip your congregants to become hunters, as well.

For more depth on this, read Hunters of the Harvest, particularly Chapter 2. To order the ministry book go to HuntersoftheHarvest.org and click “Order.”

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Louis Posthauer is the executive director of Hunters of the Harvest™ Ministry. He has been actively involved in the local church for more than 37 years and currently serves as a lay leader and teacher at Living Word Church of the Nazarene in Houston. For more information, visit HuntersoftheHarvest.org.