Chicago Church Confronts Inequality to Meet Unique Neighborhood Needs

Urban Village Church seeks to be more inclusive and diverse by planting sites in four neighborhoods throughout the city.

New Orleans Church Pursues Communitywide Restoration

Canal Street Church embraces holistic restoration that heals families, provides hope and changes lives.

Small Church in Philadelphia Extends Familial Love to the Community

Cosmopolitan Mission Service Baptist Church seeks to build a church that lives and breathes sacrificial, Christlike love.

New Church Plant Launches in Silicon Valley Farmers’ Market

Eden Church finds a way to connect with the diverse, affluent and generally nonreligious residents of Silicon Valley.

Michigan Church Sets Out to Love an Entire ZIP Code

Unison Christian Church in Grand Rapids seeks to bring a divided community together and turn a neighborhood around.

An Unexpected Phone Call Helps Church Cross Cultural Barriers

Cross-cultural ministry is quite common at Reformation Faith Ministries in Kokomo.

Minnesota Church Grows From 12 to 260—Here’s How They Did It

Verndale Family Life Church grows exponentially by reaching inward and outward.

Colorado Church Offers Drive-Thru Prayer Lane

Offer the convenience of drive-thru prayer to your community.

Delivering Hope and Help to ‘Adopted’ Neighborhoods

Make a big impact in your community by "adopting" and serving an entire neighborhood.

Small Church America: Crossroads North Gives New Identity to Old Church Building

“This is a story of death and resurrection, and we’re just trying to be faithful in moving into that."