Kevin Myers: The Internal Challenge of Change

“We often talk about ‘change’ as if it’s easy. But leading change is often dealing with our own resistance as well as others’.”

Gabe Lyons: Can the Church Shape the Culture?

Gabe Lyons: “The next wave of Christian influence will come from the pews, not the pulpit."

G. Allen Jackson: Limitations and Momentum Breakers

"As the organization grows, there are momentum breakers that take longer to address."

Jon Weece: The Metric of Movement

"When people stop moving, they start dying. It's all about making disciples who make disciples."

Kevin Haah: Church-Plant Los Angeles

Kevin Haah discusses his experience planting New City Church Los Angeles.

Mike Lwin: Extraordinary Surprise

“I stick to the things I do best. For everything else, I empower others.”

Ronald Squibb: Into the Community

“We’re not waiting for people to come to the church. We’re investing in our community, reaching into our community.”

Lee Strobel: What’s Trending in Apologetics Today?

"So many people who are not Christians are only one question away from faith."

Todd Renner: The Choice to Change

“We work hard, and we play hard—and it's amazing when those two overlap!”

What I’m Learning: Rest and Restoration

"I’m starting to believe that the life of God isn’t formed in us until we really trust him with the loving commandment to rest. Really rest."