Try This: Create a Community Pumpkin Patch

Celebrate fall as Halloween approaches with a pumpkin patch on church grounds.

Try This: Unplug and Help the Poor

Use a churchwide “media fast” to raise money for those in need.

Host a Faith-Based, Weight-Loss Support Group

Connect with people in your community who are seeking help to become healthier.

Evangelize With Testimony Books

Share the Gospel through the written faith stories of real people in your church.

Raising Awareness About Domestic Violence: Highland Park UMC in Texas

Launch a ministry that offers victims support and educates church attendees.

How to Create an Outreach Team at Your Church

Bob Cowman, lead pastor of 300-attendee Columbus Road Baptist Church in Quincy, Ill., shares eight steps his church took to start a team for impact.

Give Hope to People With Mood Disorders

A faith-based support group could fill an unmet need in your community.

Help Cut Costs With a Coupon Fair

Become the place people turn to for information and resources to save in an uncertain economy.

Try This: Feed the Football Team

Serve local high school athletes by providing a meal and gathering place after weekly games.

Start a Lifetree Café

Create an environment for open faith discussions that point people to the Gospel.