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What the Book of Proverbs Tells Us About Wisdom

Wisdom is about reality. It’s about real-life decision-making in real-life situations. And that is, indeed, a powerful thing.

Who Are You Following?

Humility isn’t a skill, it’s a disposition of the heart, it’s a way of life. It’s not something you get better at, it’s a virtue you embrace.

What Makes a Leader Wise?

All of us can have moments of wisdom. There are lots of “smart” leaders. Yet, for the term “wise leader” I’m referring to a unique category of leaders. These are leaders who have developed certain characteristics – wisdom learned from the personal experience of success and failure and from the insight of other leaders.

The Wisdom Within

Instead of fretting about how things are going, get going into becoming the person God has called you to be.

Why Wisdom Comes Through Community

It matters who we surrounded ourselves with.

How to Grow Your Wisdom

8 Practices That Will Help You Become Wise

Wisdom for Our Post-Pandemic Lives

What Ecclesiastes can teach us about fulfilling our longings.

5 Ways to Discern the Truth of What You Read on the Internet

5 best practices for media discernment