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21st Annual Outreach Resources of the Year

The Outreach Resources of the Year honors the past year’s best books that emphasize outreach-oriented ideas. You will discover valuable tools that belong on your bookshelf, that you will reach for time and again as they enhance your effectiveness in ministry through the years.

Embracing the Risk of Being Bold for Christ

"A life that’s beautiful to God is the kind of life that when you’re slandered, you take it on the chin. And even more than that, you are joyful."

On the Journey

My Christian discipleship had been characterized by a color-blind approach rather than a color-courageous one. So I would be taking this journey without a map.

Where to Look and What to Look For

Your genius unlocks your unique purpose. Someone else’s key won’t work. So how do you begin to discover what your genius is—or isn’t? Your answers to some core questions will be a good starting place.

Resilience in Light of Eternity

But when we pay attention to only our present context, we’re not seeing the full picture God wants to show us. He’s got much more in store.

Carey Nieuwhof: Present Hope, Future Strength—Part 1

“If members of Gen Z are in church, they’re very passionate. So perhaps we will see a spiritual renaissance in the next generation.”

Mark Moore: Quest 52

“Let’s pursue Jesus relentlessly; he wants to be found. He may even join us along the journey.”

3 Biblical Principles for Fighting Anxiety

What the Bible Teaches About Worry