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The Care and Feeding of Volunteers

Dan Kimball: “Unlike church staff, volunteers don’t have the luxury of scheduling Fridays or Mondays off.”

Why Justice Needs Evangelism

Dan Kimball: "If we care about justice, we have to care about making new disciples."

Beyond Baristas and Bands: Inspiring Your Community

Dan Kimball: "We don't just want our community to know we like art or music — we want to inspire them to follow Christ."

Leadership—Heart, Soul and Structure

Why leaders today need to balance the heart and organization to serve Jesus well.

A Small Church Welcome

Dan Kimball: "The size of your church does not mean God is not using you."

Dan Kimball: Vintage Faith, Santa Cruz, Calif.

DAN KIMBALL serves on the staff of Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz, Calif., and is the author of a number of books. Dan is...