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What Does the Bible Say About Love?

The Bible says clearly that God is love. We don’t have a greater example of love than what we have in God showing His love for us.

God’s Vow of Love Came Before Mine

When I am weak and human, his love is stronger.

What Is Love, Truly?—Preach This. Live This.

There are a lot of opinions about what love truly is, but God didn't stop at explaining it. He showed us.

Michigan Church ‘Hugs’ Its Community on Valentine’s Day

Remember service workers in your community this Valentine's Day.

California Church Remembers the Elderly on Valentine’s Day

Deliver Valentine's Day cards to residents of homes for the disabled and convalescent.

Heart-Shaped Love

Try these creative outreach ideas this Valentine's Day and share the love of Christ with your community.

Try This: 3 Valentine’s Outreach Ideas

Unique ways churches are celebrating the Hallmark holiday with their communities.