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The Attitudes That Make Jesus Mad

We'd do well to pay attention to the things that made Jesus angry.

Tim Harlow: ‘Focus on the Lost Sheep’

“Christians are not always the easiest people to lead, or even be around.”

Outreach 100 Consortium: What I’m Learning

Outreach 100 pastors share their thoughts on church growth, discipleship, outreach and faithful ministry.

Tim Harlow: ‘Humble Yourself Right Away’

“I’m realizing that the harder I push and the more I lead, the more their lives are changed. If I wimp out, they will, too.”

Experience Speaks: Tim Harlow

Tim Harlow: "I have a 31-year marriage and grown kids who love and serve Jesus. That’s always been the priority."

Tim Harlow: Beyond "Nickels and Noses"

“We measure the same as anyone: nickels and noses. But everyone is trying to figure out how to measure the deeper discipleship issues.”