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3 Tips to Trusting God … Always

When circumstances seem to mount against you, when you are feeling anything other than confident, when you are shake to your core and confused about what’s happening in life - these are times when you start to feel that verb. Trust is work.

In This World, But Not of It

Believe. Become. Behave. Our faith leads to transformation which leads to a different set of behaviors. Tucked inside that formula is the importance of the way we think.

Why Are the Names of God Important?

The names of God are a promise to believers in Him; they call to mind the unchanging character of God and invite us to know this particular attribute of God in a given circumstance.

Jesus Is Our Rescuer

According to the Bible, he rescues from sin and death. Jesus jumps into the sea of sin and death and hauls our lifeless bodies to the shore. Then, He leans low, and breathes new life into us.

The Choice We All Must Make

You Can’t Walk Two Roads at One Time

Is This All Just an Illusion?

The will of God is that we believe. Those who truly believe will have their lives changed.

A Spiritual Awakening Outside the Church Walls

We need the things of the Spirit to engage in culture and if we're called into politics, or into business or into education systems, be salt and light to the world.