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Praying God’s Word

When our prayers are empowered by Scripture, those prayers often arise most naturally when we have already read, memorized, and deeply considered a passage.

When You Want to Ask ‘Why?’

This is often where the “why” leads us – it leads us not to specific answers but to God. And that is a very good thing.

A Different Kind of Hope

We discover that being a prisoner of hope in Jesus Christ is life-giving. He is the path to ultimate freedom.

Back to Prayer Gatherings

Planning is not about writing a script or being unnecessarily controlling but instead about building a platform to welcome the presence of God.

Where Do You Go for Complete and Total Fulfillment?

How did I get here? This certainly isn’t how I imagined my life turning out. In fact, it’s more than that - this isn’t how it ought to be at all!

5 Steps for Living With Discipline

The temptation when you engage in spiritual discipline is to emphasize the will. But it doesn’t have to be that way; in fact, if it is that way, our efforts are doomed to fail because our best efforts will run out of steam.

Take the Initiative, or Wait on God?

Return to the character of the One who promised. And remember that he never fails.

Who’s In Charge?

Surrender is a word most people don’t like—especially when it comes to surrendering everything to Jesus as Lord.