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Faith That Comes by Hearing

3 strategies for reaching oral cultures with the gospel

Planting a Sending Church

Your church is not just for your neighborhood, but for the nations.

2 Truths That Comfort Me in the Ups and Downs of Missions

God is where we go before we get there, and he will stay after we leave.

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Creating a hierarchy of missions hurts the body of Christ in several ways.

Why You Don’t Need to Be ‘Gifted’ to Share Your Faith

“Don't wait on the gift. Be the gift to someone else.”

How to Rethink Your Short-Term Trips

There is often problematic baggage that comes with traditional short-term mission trips. Here are ways to make sure your trips are having the intended effect.

Why You Should Rethink Cutting Your Missions Budget

The Benefits of Prioritizing the Gospel in Your Financial Decisions

What if Evangelism Isn’t Your Gift?

Encouragement for when you do not feel like you can share your faith.