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How Suffering Can Open Doors for Evangelism

Anyone can be happy when things are going well. But can you have joy when they aren’t? Flipping through the TV channels with my kids...

Why Evil Is a Problem for Atheists Too

Something must explain the pervasive wickedness of the human race and what we can do about it.

Making Room for Grief in Church

The Bible is not shy about grief, and neither should we be.

Don’t Just Get Through Singleness

Make room for God to work through it.

What Love Shaped by the Gospel Looks Like

Jesus said the most defining characteristic of his church should be its love. Your love for each other, he told his disciples, is how...

How Much Should I Give?

There seems to be two extremes when it comes to how Christians view their relationship with their possessions. The first one is that God wants...

A Christian Response to ‘Cancel Culture’

Recently, I typed in “how to be happy” on our collective consciousness, Google, and one of the first articles was “Three Ways to Be...

Why Being ‘Good Enough’ Will Never Be Good Enough

My family loves the movie The Greatest Showman. It’s the (highly embellished) account of P.T. Barnum’s rise to success. There’s a moving scene where...