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Leaders by Design: Preparing Your Church for Its Highest Priority

“Job No. 1 for pastors and ministry leaders is not preaching, counseling or sharing the gospel—it’s preparing believers to do so.”

Kevin Peck: ‘The American Church Has a Profound Opportunity’

"As our culture shifts and slides on the sands of popular opinion, the Word of God makes the American church an anchor."

Establishing the Foundation: Texas Church’s Premarital Program Keeps Gospel at the Center

At the Austin Stone Community Church, engaged couples commit to a robust, 9-week marriage preparation program.

8 Signs You Are a Gospel-Centered Leader

The Gospel gives us a new heart filled with love and affection. It is not one more weapon in our leadership utility belt.

Moving Into Mission: The Austin Stone Community Church

The Austin Stone Community Church Provides Diverse Missional Opportunities

Matt Carter: Becoming a Church for the City

"We win not simply by how much and how well we can gather people, but by how much and how well we can release people into the city.”

Matt Carter: A New Vision for the City

Almost four years into the life of the church he planted with a core team that included worship leader Chris Tomlin, Matt Carter had a profound mountainside experience.