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Natasha Sistrunk Robinson: Take Caution With Technology

The temptation of the Tower of Babel is humans using their God-given gifts to usurp God’s authority.

Bobby Gruenewald & Craig Groeschel: Making Connections

“The goal is not to just deliver content, but to develop community.”—Bobby Gruenewald

Presenting Like a Pro

As churches change and grow, they need to have the ability to shift and adapt their worship environments to be formatted differently. Maybe they go from one screen in the room to one screen and a stage display for the band.

About Your New Website

We added a number of automated functionalities that allow us to do such things as schedule pages, events, informational pop-ups with a direct “call to action” (CTA) and more, to go live/hide automatically. Our administrative team now genuflects in our tech team’s direction.

The 4 Leaders Every Successful Digital Ministry Needs

I think most pastors' role in digital ministry looks much more like the exuberant passing of the torch from John to Charlie, which doesn't mean you need to walk away. John was still a part of the heist. He just created a new hero along the way.

Just a Screen Away

During the pandemic, Lyberg visited local members in the hospital using FaceTime, and he can do the same thing with members who live in other places.

Who Then Will We Trust?

We need technology, but we often idolize technology.