Tag: Stay Forth Designs

Check Your Speed

A lot of leaders are running at a faster and harder pace than their teams or congregations can match, which could create more issues than it solves.

Remember Who You Are

“If we want a new, healthier future, we are going to have to measure and cultivate new and healthy things.”

Limitation Breeds Innovation

The limits are high right now, but so are the possibilities.

Can We Get a Do-Over?

"Taking time to name what you experienced last year is a worthy investment."

Stop Trying to Win

"Navigating this moment and the coming seasons with wisdom will require more than changing our perspective; we need to change our paradigms."

Avoiding the Comparison Trap

It is hard to lead a small church or a young church. Perhaps it is even more challenging today than it once was. Church...

Alan Briggs: Church Culture Audit

What is your church known for?

Welcome to the Wilderness

This new season will require churches to pivot quickly to remain resilient.