Tag: Spiritual Gifts

Walking in the Spirit

Jesus accomplishes his will through spiritual gifts, both permanent and situational.

What Should I Do With My Life?

Discovering your place in God’s plan

A Timeless Key to Church Health

Activating the Gifts of the People in Your Church

Serving God With the Gifts You’ve Been Given

We all already have gifts, talents and resources we can use to obey God and bless others.

How Can We Help Others Uncover Their Spiritual Gifts?

The more we pastors help people discover, develop and deploy their spiritual gifts, the healthier our churches become. In this post I suggest six...

You’re Not Called to EVERY Ministry

How do you discern your gifts so you can devote yourself to them?

No Instrument Is More Important Than Another

Playing in a band and orchestra taught me a lot about the place of my spiritual gifts in the body of Christ.

When You’re Dissatisfied With Your Purpose

Ecclesiastes provides some helpful wisdom for seasons of futility.