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Striking Back With the Gospel

We must mobilize Christian teenagers to share the Gospel with love, passion, and urgency.

How to Help Young People Process the Unthinkable

It’s important to take time to help young people sort through their thoughts and feelings about tragic events. Whenever news of a school shooting spreads, our young people are impacted. Innocence ebbs away, and students—many who already struggle with anxiety—can spiral into confusion, fear, and even depression.

Shootings, Grace and the Gospel—An Interview With Pastor Eddie Bevill of Parkridge Church

Parkridge Church and other area churches are reaching out to their community in the wake of the Parkland Shooting.

A Heart for Justice

Excerpted from 'When Thoughts and Prayers Aren’t Enough' (IVP)

What Can Churches Learn From School Shooters?

From "thresholds of violence" to "thresholds of grace": Could this social process somehow drive the mission of the church?