Tag: Sacred Space

Alliance Redwoods Builds Spiritual Bridges in Sonoma County

“This is a safe place for people who are post-evangelical or spiritual nones with a spiritual hunger. We call it a place of re-creation.”

Reimagining The Reef

We wanted to create a memorable and exciting space using advanced technology and a gaming environment that the kids could be a part of. Rather than simply watching the fish, kids would be able to join a gamified experience.

A Church for Rosenberg

Inspiring Real Hope in a Small Texas Community

What Story Does Your Facility Tell?

Determine Your Church’s Unique Story and How to Share It

Redeeming Post Commons

Hugh Halter revitalizes Alton, Illinois, with nothing but an old post office.

4 Ways to Reimagine Large Gathering Spaces for Smaller Groups

Preparing churches for relaunch and the potential of fewer people attending

ReCreation: EDEN City

An Ethos-Driven Experimental Neighborhood (E.D.E.N.) is a destination designed to contribute to the overall development, health and happiness of its residents.

How to Prepare Your Church for Different-Sized Gatherings

What to do when your church isn't sized for smaller gatherings