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Outreach 100 Consortium: What I’m Learning

Outreach 100 pastors share their thoughts on church growth, discipleship, outreach and faithful ministry.

Ron Vietti: Bring the Message to the People

“I needed to be who God made me to be.”

Ron Vietti: ‘Let People Take Precedence Over the Machine’

“True, sincere love for others can break down any walls. You don’t have to agree with the way people live to love them.”

Ron Vietti: ‘Hope for Decades to Come’

"I am concerned about the lack of unity and sometimes even 'disdain' that many believers show for other believers."

Experience Speaks: Ron Vietti

Ron Vietti: "People desire transparency and honesty about real life issues more than they desire deep theological enlightenment."

“I Was Encouraged When …”

10 pastors of Outreach 100 churches share some of their most encouraging moments.