Quentin Schultze: Communicating With Grace and Virtue

Communicating With Grace and Virtue: Learning to Listen, Speak, Text and Interact as a Christian
(Baker Academic, 2020)

WHO: Quentin Schultze, a professor of communication emeritus at Calvin University.

HE SAYS: “We are called to use communication to cultivate God-glorifying ways of life.”

THE BIG IDEA: This book shows readers how to practice “servant communication.”

Divided into eight chapters, this book examines different types of communication, the role gratitude plays in communicating, our responsibility to God in our communications, our brokenness as communicators, how communications relate to community, the importance of personal character in our communications, storytelling and communication technologies.

“God offers us the gift of communication so we can serve him and one another.”

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Quentin Schultze
Quentin Schultze

Quentin Schultze is a professor of communication emeritus at Calvin University.