Daniel Im: 7 Lies About Work, Life, & Love

You Are What You Do (B&H)

You Are What You Do: and Six Other Lies About Work, Life, & Love
(B&H, 2020)

WHO: Daniel Im, a speaker and leader who has pastored in five major cities around the world.

HE SAYS: “I want to show you that this new normal—the gig economy—has changed everyday life through the lies it has ushered in. Then and only then will we be able to do something about it, so that we can move from passivity to action.”

THE BIG IDEA: Society today is telling us seven big lies, but we can’t build our identities on them.

In each chapter, the author unpacks one of the lies that have become our new normal: You are what you do, you are what you experience, you are who you know, you are what you know, you are what you own, you are who you raise and you are your past.

“Jesus is not asking you to fulfill a list of requirements before he will set you free from your past and the other lies in this book. That’s what religion does. This is because religion and self-help tell you to do, whereas Jesus says done.”

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