Addison Bevere: Becoming More Than ‘Christians’

Saints: Becoming More Than “Christians”
(Revell, 2020)

WHO: Addison Bevere, COO of Messenger International, and the cofounder of

HE SAYS: “The good life isn’t something you find; it’s someone you become.”

THE BIG IDEA: What does it mean to be the people of God?

In 10 chapters, the author shares what it means to be the people of God and helps readers discover the fullness of the life God designed us for so we can reveal his faith, hope and love to the world.

“By the power of God’s eternal Spirit, you can become a Saint: someone whose life is marked by a life and a purpose that astound our world and point people to the One who is life.”

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Addison Bevere
Addison Bevere

Addison Bevere is the author of Saints: Becoming More Than ‘Christians’ (Revell). He is also the COO of Messenger International, an organization that impacts millions of people in over 150 countries through its various initiatives, and the cofounder of