John Bosman: Care Revolution

A Proven New Paradigm for Pastoral Care

Care Revolution: A Proven New Paradigm for Pastoral Care
(Equip Press, 2018)

WHO: John Bosman, founder of the JWB Institute for Leadership and Laity Development and the Hamilton Christian Academy.

HE SAYS: “The new paradigm I propose is developing a healthy partnership between the pastor and the church members who together provide the necessary care to the flock (congregation).”

THE BIG IDEA: Effective pastoral care happens when pastors and church members collaborate in their ministry efforts.

In this book’s 14 chapters, the author lays out his argument for why the chuch needs to develop a new outlook on taking care of its members. He discusses how a healthy church results in increased evangelism and growth, and why pastor cannot do all the pastoral care for the church.

“It is only when a congregation is cared for and nurtured that it becomes healthy and consequently has the ability to evangelize more effectively.”

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